Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Writing in the First Monkey

“Have you considered writing this story in the third monkey rather than the first monkey?” (New Yorker Cartoon Caption Content, art by Gahan Wilson, caption by Robert Gray)

I've started a new book, written in the first person, and so far, it's like turning on a tap...this new character has a voice and she has a lot to say. I love it when that happens.

My first three books are written in the "third monkey," a shifting point of view with a super-omniscient-narrotor that frankly drives a lot of people crazy. (It certainly drove people in my old writer's groups crazy.) With my more recent books, there is some action that occurs out of the main character's sight, but most of the interior monologue and the overwhelming POV is that of the young heroine, Theodora.

I am so excited to be writing in the First Monkey!

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