Sunday, July 1, 2007

Backyard Ballistics

[originally posted on on June 14, 2007]

This weekend saw the completion of our bottle-rocket launcher, and successful firing of bottle rockets over the rooftops of Somerville. We also took a ride to World's End in Hingham, MA, and fired REAL rockets, two of which deployed their chutes and caught a ride out to sea, and were not recovered by the M.R.S. (manual recovery system).

This led to some research online into replica siege engines and trbuchets, and I discovered some wonderful video online about the annual Punkin Chunkin event in Delaware: trebuchets, air cannons, and pumpkins, O my!

Check out the video I've posted over on my MySpace page. For now, we will have to settle for a Potato Bazooka, courtesy this little book, on order from the fine folks at Porter Square Books:

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